samedi 24 avril 2010

Counting cards

It's almost over...only five days until the last class. And I'm still managing to find new illustations to do. But the book "Les mois et moi" that i've been working on for the last 3 months is finally over, I'll be posting some pics of the book very soon :)

mardi 20 avril 2010

VERNISSAGE!! 5 mai 2010

Le vernissage de l'exposition des finissants en Design Graphique de l'UQÀM aura lieu le 5 mai 2010, au Centre de design!!
Venez nous voir --et nos portfolios :)


The exposition of the graduating students of Graphic Design of UQÀM is on may 5 2010, at the Design Center!!
Come see our work :)

Plier Bagage from Nikolaos Lerakis on Vimeo.

lundi 5 avril 2010


I 've just been chosen to participate to the book and exposition Drawgasmic.
Go check their site, you have until july I think to qualify :)